The Future of Middle Level Education–Chicana Maestras and Vignettes

  • Alexa M. Proffitt University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Antonia Alderete Northside Independent School District
  • Megan Villa Northeast Independent School District
  • Violetta Villarreal Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Keywords: Chicana maestras, middle level education, anticolonial


This interdisciplinary case study research centers anticolonial theories and Chicana feminist epistemology (Bernal, 1998) to interrogate the experiences of Chicana maestras during their clinical teaching semester. The experiences of Chicana maestras is often silenced in educational research, especially in the research of prospective middle grades educators. This work seeks to challenge the often-colonizing practices of teaching and research and seeks to serve as a model of the possibilities for research in middle level teacher education. The findings of this research center on the collective power of Chicanas experiencing teaching and learning as a collective through the creation of vignettes. These vignettes highlight the themes of maestras and comunidad, exploring and solidifying identity, thriving colonialism, clinical chingonas, and sharing of knowledge. Each of these themes, and the collective work that went into this research, demonstrate the importance of Chicanas in middle level education.