Latinx Students’ Knowledge of and Inclination to Attend Public HBCUs

  • Yoruba T. Mutakabbir Texas Southern University
Keywords: HBCU, Latinx College Students, College Choice


This qualitative study explored Latinx students’ knowledge of and inclination to attend historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Current research on Latinx students at HBCUs primarily explores the experiences of current students. The study sought to understand what might interest Latinx students in HBCUs. The author conducted three focus group interviews of Latinx high school and community college students. Findings indicate that Latinx students are not as knowledgeable about HBCUs as they are about predominately White institutions in the same city. Academic programs and proximity to home can attract Latinx students to HBCUs. Admissions and diversity staff will benefit from the implications of this study.