Using State-Equity Reform to Improve Latinx Student Transfer

  • Eric R. Felix San Diego State University


This article focuses on Latinx transfer inequity and the role of state policy in addressing barriers faced trying to move from community college to four-year institutions. A recently passed initiative in California, known as the Student Equity Policy, offers community colleges the opportunity to address transfer barriers for racial/ethnic students through institutional planning. One of the largest challenges facing California Community Colleges are the persistent inequitable rates of transfer for Latinx students, the largest ethnic group in the system. Using critical policy analysis, I examined a subset of 33 Hispanic-serving community colleges to understand how they leveraged the policy to address the transfer barriers facing Latinx students. By examining equity plans, this study finds that although Latinx students are identified as facing disproportionate levels of inequity; the policy, planning process, and funding resources were left as unexploited opportunities to address Latinx students’ specific equity gaps.