Transforming the Culture of Academia One Classroom at a Time: Testimonio of a Latina Junior Faculty Member Engaging in Latina Critical Pedagogical Activism

  • Claudia García-Louis
Keywords: Latina critical pedagogical activism, Chicana feminism, testimonio, pedagogy, Latina faculty


Inspired by the work of Chicana feminist scholars, the author narrates her process of academic awakening and survival by illustrating how testimonio can be utilized as a pedagogical tool within the classroom. She introduces the concept of Latina Critical Pedagocial Activism (LCPA) and its’ four tenets—centralización, epistemological engagement, educonfianza, and lengua resistencia—as a tool to be utilized by Latina faculty. LCPA serves a pedagogical framework faculty could utilize to validate their experiences in the classroom, while simultaneously communicating to Latinx students that their culture matters; that they belong and deserve to be in academia. Together, students and faculty disrupt hegemonic schooling practices by centering non-white ways of knowing, learning, and teaching.