Views from Inside a Pediatric Clinic: How Arizona’s Political Climate Has Impacted Arizona’s Youngest Latino Learners

  • Margarita Jimenez-Silva
  • Gregory A. Cheatman
  • Laura Gomez
Keywords: SB 1070, Arizona


It is critical that we examine impacts that recent immigration policies such as SB1070 are having on Arizona’s youngest Latino learners.The large number of Latinos under the age of five, and the impact that this upcoming generation of Latinos will have on all aspects of life in Arizona merits a closer look. In this qualitative study, we examined the perspectives of five adults working in an Arizona pediatric clinic (i.e., “Pediatrics Plus”). The themes of fear and community tension which arose throughout the interview data demonstrate that the health of our youngest learners as well as their access and ability to attend extended learning opportunities provided by community partners such as Pediatrics Plus, is being impacted by the wider anti-immigrant policies in Arizona. By taking a comprehensive approach using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory to examine the health and enrichment opportunities of Arizona’s youngest learners and how recent policies can impact young learner’s development, we can work with other stakeholders to improve their opportunities for healthier minds and bodies, for academic success, and for a brighter future.