Pedagogies of the Home in the Art and Narrative of Chicana/o Picturebooks

  • Lettycia Terrones


This essay interrogates how mother-daughter type relationships in Chicana/o picturebooks function to transmit specific cultural values. It posits these acts of transmission as strategies of resilient resistance against normative modes of instruction typically found in school sites that perpetuate barriers to education through structural racism and economic injustice. The mother- daughter type relationships in these picturebooks and the home-centered strategies of education they offer, I argue, exemplify how cultural survival and resistance through the practice of pedagogies of the home can transform institutional spaces of instruction. Exploring the nuances of visual imagery and narrative of Chicana/o picturebooks in this way responds to the call for critical multicultural scholarship in children’s literature. Moreover, it invites librarians and educators to learn from the funds of knowledges children bring with them into classroom and storytime spaces.

Research and Criticism / Investigaciones y Crítica