Enhancing Collaborative Learning: Activities and Structures in a Dual Language Preschool Classroom

  • Iliana Alanís


Changing demographics have led to a need for dual language teachers to adjust their pedagogy to best meet the needs of second language learners in dual language programs. However, the development of linguistic and cognitive skills for dual language learners continues to challenge early childhood teachers (Martinez, 2010; García & Kleifgen, 2010). With this in mind, it is important to explore effective pedagogical practices in dual language programs that encourage meaningful interactions with young bilingual learners (Garcia & Garcia, 2012; Gutiérrez, Zepeda, & Castro, 2010). This study used a qualitative methodology, including classroom observations and interviews, to investigate the teacher’s role in establishing students’ participation when partnered in pairs. Findings reveal the teachers use of visual and auditory scaffolding, strategic pairing of students, and intentional paired learning activities to enhance collaborative exchanges.