Hispanic-Serving Institution Scholars and Administrators on Improving Latina/Latino/Latinx/Hispanic Teacher Pipelines: Critical Junctures along Career Pathways

Caroline S. Turner, Pedro X. Cosmé, Laura Dinehart, Raquel Martí, David McDonald, Martin Ramirez, Lester Sandres Rápalo, Juana Zamora


This article emerges from the collaborative work of Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) scholars and administrators. From their perspectives as acting HSI leaders, the authors examine research/programs/practices [relevant to their institutions] pertaining to attracting, preparing, employing, and retaining Latina/o/x/Hispanic teachers. Research and programs noted here identify challenges, facilitators, and recommendations for improving Latina/o/x/Hispanic educational outcomes and for increasing the number of Latina/o/x/Hispanic teachers. Increasing the number of Latina/o/x/Hispanic teachers involves processes that are circular and iterative; encompassing their educational pathways from early schooling experiences to the more advanced stage of the teaching workplace.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24974/amae.11.3.369


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